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Tabudirira Peace Club Uses Nhimbe to Raise Awareness On peace

Tabudirira Peace Club in Gokwe North Ward 13 carried out a collaborative neutral platform in the form of a Nhimbe during the week ending 2 June 2016.  The main objective of the nhimbe was to raise awareness on peace and its importance in communities.

Ninety-four community members who were picking cotton in a fellow community member’s cotton farm attended the nhimbe. These included community members from across political, social and economic divide. Among the key stakeholders were Cluster Chairman (an appointee equivalent to a Headman), 7 Village Heads, 3 Village Health Workers, and 1 teacher.

Tabudirira peace club Chairperson also used the nhimbe as an opportunity to address everyone present and raised awareness on the importance of peace and the need for co-existence. According to the Club’s Chairperson, Mrs. Gonye, socio-economic conflicts within communities have potential to degenerate into political conflicts if left unaddressed. She stated, “Such conflicts that seem trivial usually build up as communities approach electoral campaigns. It is important that the Club address them in time as it will help reduce violent electoral campaigns in the coming elections”.

Mr. Gobo, the Cluster Chairman, also acknowledged that indeed the nhimbe has managed to bring oneness and unity of purpose among community members evidenced by the high turnout. He stated, “We are grateful to Tabudirira peace club which has managed to mobilise the community to execute a great job as a united community. People have come in their numbers and this demonstrates that as a united community we can champion peace and development in our area”.

Nhimbes are one among many activities being employed by community peace clubs to prevent and resolve conflicts. It is Heal Zimbabwe’s hope that all communities in Zimbabwe take action to protect themselves from future violence and intimidation since it is clear that previous acts of violence have caused fear that needs to be abated before the 2018 election.