October 2021 Human Rights Report

Zimbabwe is scheduled to conduct its general elections in 2023 and political parties are already focused on internal party restructuring and voter mobilization. The two main parties ZANU PF and the MDC Alliance are intensifying their voter mobilization initiatives in rural areas since relaxation of Covid-19 lockdown measures in September . Both parties launched aggressive campaigns with ZANU PF targeting 5 million voters while the MDC Alliance is targeting 6 million voters. Young people and rural constituencies are their prime targets. These political activities from across the political divide have also come with a dramatic increase in politically motivated violence which include severe assault, abductions, property destruction, arbitrary arrests , detention, intimidation and threats of violence. The sudden escalation of violence, from the community level to national level attacks on the leader of the main opposition warrants particular attention as 2023 approaches. This report seeks to show the nature and magnitude of the emerging violence, gross human rights violations witnessed within the of week of 10 – 16 October.

The October HRV Report by Heal Zimbabwe Trust Communications

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