Mid- Day BY- Election 10 June 2015



Some 6 registered polling agents representing independent candidate Herman Tonderai Karimakwenda, were not allowed to enter some polling stations. The presiding officers at Number 4 Government Primary, Gombo Primary and Yemurai Primary School  denied the polling agents access to the  polling stations as they states that they were not registered specifically there.  In addition, people  in those areas were ferried by lorries to vote.  Those who did not have Identity Documents (IDs) were turned away.


The Human Rights Commission has deployed observers at polling stations where complaints of those taking down names at the various polling stations have been made to them.


Ward 16

Village Heads Marimo, Masarakufa and Hwendere are stationed at Nyadara business centre where they are recording names of voters before and after voting.


At Nyadara Primary School polling station abut 60 youths have been turned away after their names were not foundon the voters roll. Those turned  away are suspected to be Themba Mliswa’s  supporters In addition, Village Head Muyindisi  was bringing villagers in groups for voting at Nyadara Primary School but was turned away by the police who  threatened him with arrest. The police went on to disperse othe groups that were at the primary school.


Ward 16

At Vambe Polling Station, Village Heads Temba Kachingamire and Chawasarira  rounded up and organised people in groups of seven to go and vote for Keith Guzah. They stated that  failure to comply will  result in them being be chased out of the village.



At Murapa Primary school polling station, Sabhuku Chamunorwa stated that youths from Sengwe area  clad in Temba Mliswa’s  campaign t-shirts  and are deployed in Murapa area where they are telling villagers to vote for Temba Miswa.



The ZANU-PF  candidate for Kambuzuma  Tinashe Maduza is  moving around the area campaigning at the  various polling stations.


Ward 14

There are people being ferried to Community  Hall polling station by a ZANU-PF youth identified as Morris. Police officers were also seen in the vehicles that are ferrying the voters.  Voters are reported to have received instructions on who to vote for before proceeding to cast their vote.



There are trucks ferrying people to the polling stations in the area. This follows the promises made at previous campaign rallies that all those who live 5km away from the polling stations will be provided with transport.


Tsholotsho North,

Ward 5

At Mcetshwa Primary School polling station, people  are voting in accordance with  their cell structures with each  cell is being  led by its Chairperson. This arrangement was made so that if one member of the cell does  not go to the polling station, they are  easily identified.