Heal Zimbabwe condemns voter intimidation in Hurungwe West.

Heal Zimbabwe condemns the voter intimidation that is taking place in Hurungwe against alleged supporters of Temba Mliswa, an  independent Candidate for Hurungwe West constituency ahead of the June 10 by elections.

 HZT human rights monitors report that in separate incidences, on 29 April 2015, at Sengwe ward 17, village heads Kapanha and Mangisi were assaulted by known ZANU PF supporters after they were accused of supporting Mr Mliswa.

 On 3 May 2015, military personnel were deployed at Chief Dandawa’s homestead where they are currently camped. They have been intimidating voters by forcing them to vote for ZANU PF candidate for Hurungwe West, Keith Guzha. Unregistered twin cab vehicles with unknown personnel are also moving from ward to ward threatening villagers with unspecified action in the event that Mr Mliswa wins the by-elections.

 The intimidation of voters in Hurungwe West comes hardly a week after farm workers at Mr Mliswa’s farm were assaulted by alleged ZANU PF supporters. The environment that currently prevails in Hurungwe West is detrimental to the holding of free and fair elections that is provided for in the Constitution.

 Heal Zimbabwe expresses dismay at how the Constitution is been violated hardly 2 years after its adoption. The lack of swift response by the responsible authorities especially the police on errant violent behaviour by political supporters especially during elections continues to be a cause of concern.

 Heal Zimbabwe implores the Government to uphold the Constitution and ensure that the forth-coming by-elections are held in a peaceful, fair and free environment.