Heal Zimbabwe condemns intraparty violence!!

Heal Zimbabwe strongly and unequivocally condemns the intraparty violence that rocked the MDC-T Bulawayo Provincial offices on 6 August 2017. Heal Zimbabwe emphasizes that any intraparty disputes and conflicts should be dealt with without the resort to violence. Tolerance to diversity of views and opinions is a pivotal and sacrosanct tenet of democracy which the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) should practice.

Heal Zimbabwe urges the MDC-T and other political parties to reign in their supporters who have perpetrated this violence. Political parties should be torch bearers in advocating for peaceful 2018 elections and lead a crusade of condemning violence in any form. Political parties must also refrain from using statements that have potential of inciting their supporters.

Heal Zimbabwe is encouraging all citizens to conduct themselves peacefully through the 13 million voices for peace campaign. YES PEACE!!!