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Buhera and Chipinge Duty Bearers Commit to Uphold Principles of Accountability & Good Governance

Heal Zimbabwe has intensified training of Duty Bearers across the country with the objective of inculcating key principles of leadership, accountability and good governance. From 22-23 September 2018, the organization conducted 2 social accountability trainings for 52 Duty Bearers in Buhera and Chipinge.

 Among the Duty Bearers who attended the trainings included Councillors, Village heads, irrigation farm committees and School Development committee members. The Duty Bearers hailed the organization for initiating such trainings and further highlighted that social care, respect for human rights and swiftness to resolve community problems are essential qualities of a good leadeship.The Duty Bearers further noted that being accountable  help  earn  respect and support which help stifle development in their communities.

 One of the participants, a Village Head from Chipinge added that since traditional leaders are custodians of cultural value especially the family, there was need to revive traditional social security mechanisms such as Zunde raMambo/Isiphala seNkosi to cushion disadvantaged families especially women and children from ultra poverty and other forms of vulnerabilities.”During difficult periods especially prolonged droughts, as Traditional leaders, we need to revive cultural practices such as Zunde raMambo so that we help vulnerable groups such as women and children”, he said. A School Development Committee (SDC) member from Buhera further implored leaders to remain guided by fundamental  human rights enshrined in the constitution  when serving and further highlighted that SDCs should prioritize and help in the promotion of  children’s right to education as espoused in Section 75 of the constitution whilst hospitals and Village Health Workers  should set targets in relation to the right to health care underlined in Section 76 of the constitution. “Likewise, leaders in those sectors should be free to be held to account to such constitutional provisions that help to safeguard the promotion and enjoyment of human rights”, he said.

 As a way forward the leaders resolved to continue upholding  principles of accountability and good governance as this helps to attain development. Heal Zimbabwe will continue to work with the 52 trained community leaders in ensuring that they effectively serve their constituencies, in a participatory, inclusive and transparent manner. It is to this effect that the organization has lined up a series of dialogue platforms that will improve issues of transparency and accountability. More Duty bearers’  trainings are lined up in areas such as Tsholotsho and Gokwe .