• NPRC Bill – Portfolio Committee Report – 9 May 2017
  • [download-attachment id=”2305″ title=”Policy Brief on Transitional Justice and Peace Building Mechanisms”]
  • [download-attachment id=”2304″ title=”Peace Clubs Training Manual”]
  • [download-attachment id=”2303″ title=”Is Zimbabwe Ready for Reconciliation A snap Survey Report”]
  • [download-attachment id=”2302″ title=”Heal Zimbabwe Position on NPRC BILL
  • [download-attachment id=”2300″ title=”Early Warning Manual Training Module”]
  • [download-attachment id=”2301″ title= NPRC Bill Analysis”]
  • [download-attachment id=”2286″ title=”Zimbabwes-Draft-Computer-Crime-and-Cybercrime-Bill-Laymans-Draft-July-2013″]
  • [download-attachment id=”2275″ title=”Thematic Committee on Human Rights’ Report on the State of the Human Rights Situation in Zimbabwe – SC 20-2016″]