Heal Zimbabwe condemns MDC Alliance Intraparty Violence.

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Heal Zimbabwe strongly condemns the intraparty  violence that rocked the MDC Alliance’s  party  headquarters on 9 November 2019.Party youths clashed  over  alleged  factions within the party. The clashes took place while the party’s National Executive Council (NEC) meeting was in session. Three people were reportedly injured. 

Heal Zimbabwe is greatly disturbed by the lack of tolerance within political parties and views this as serious threat to the prevalence of peace. Heal Zimbabwe notes that such acts of intolerance are not only detrimental to the prevalence of peace but also incite political opponents against each other, and if left unchecked, can degenerate into full blown incidences of violence.

Heal Zimbabwe urges political parties to reign in on their supporters who perpetrate violence. Political parties should also be torch bearers in advocating for peace and lead a crusade of condemning violence in any form. Heal Zimbabwe subscribes to the principle of non-violent resolution of conflicts and views tolerance of divergent political views as a key ingredient in the attainment of peace and social cohesion in the country.

In light of this, Heal Zimbabwe implores the MDC-Alliance to find amicable and peaceful means to address conflicts within the party. Heal Zimbabwe implores the police to apprehend and enforce the law by bringing to book all perpetrators of the violence.    


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