Our Mission

To re-build national cohesion through promotion of tolerance and peaceful coexistence in local communities.

Heal Zimbabwe expects to achieve the following strategic outcomes.

  • Focus on the needs of our communities
  • Actively promote inclusiveness
  • Act with integrity
  • Communicate effectively
  • Value and celebrate diversity
  • Be accountable and transparent to our stakeholders

Our Vision

Our vision is a peaceful prosperous Zimbabwe which celebrates political, cultural and religious diversity and promotes peaceful co-existence in local communities. We will contribute to peaceful and tolerant local communities in Zimbabwe through advocacy and lobby and  providing psycho-social support to ensure that:

  • There is increased understanding, awareness, education and research regarding the impact of political violence on the local  communities in Zimbabwe.
  • Social, political and economic policies and practices do not directly or indirectly condone intolerance of diversity of opinions.
  • The interests and well being of victims and survivors of political violence and torture are fully represented.
  • There are positive initiatives to rebuild the cohesion of affected communities through community initiated and driven conflict transformation and peace building initiatives.