The Political Environment Report (week ending 06-06-2015)

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June 10 By-elections- (4 days to go)





Situation on the Ground
Manicaland-Headlands Relatively calm In Headlands, ward 32, ZANU PF candidate, Christopher Chingosho held a rally on Sunday, 31 May 2015 at Headlands Community hall to garner support ahead of June 10 showdown. Soldiers who were wearing civilian clothes were also seen at the rally.


On 2 June 2015, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa also addressed party supporters in Headlands at Inyati Primary School where he urged villagers to vote resoundingly for Chingosho. No incidences of violence were recorded.


The ZANU PF candidate for Headlands, Christopher Chingosho also held a rally on 6 June 2015 at Domboreshato Primary School in Ward 12 where he distributed rice to villagers. He told villagers gathered that if they don’t vote for him in the coming by-election, they risk losing food aid from Government.


Independent Candidate for the same constituency, Albert Mukaratira is also being intimidated by alleged ZANU PF youths who are barring him from  holding campaign rallies in the area.


Matebeleland North-Tsholotsho Relatively calm In Ward 5, on 31 May 2015, Jonathan Moyo’s campaign team distributed  maize at Sipepa rest camp to Ward 5 villagers. They promised villagers more food if they voted for Jonathan Moyo in the coming by elections.


On 2 June 2015, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officials also distributed voter education fliers to villagers at Sipepa business centre in Ward 5 who were waiting to be addressed by Jonathan Moyo at Sipepa High School.


On 3 June 2015, Jonathan Moyo’s campaign team addressed a rally to drum up support for Jonathan Moyo in Mandawe village where they gave every person who attended the rally one bucket of maize.


Mashonaland West-Hurungwe West Tense On 31 May 2015, Ward 16, ZANU PF youths were seen roaming around the area forcing shops to close for a meeting which was to be addressed by Keith Guzah at Sengwe Township. In the same Ward, Village head Fenlord Gahadza is reportedly threatening villagers who intend to boycott the June 10 by election with unspecified action if they fail to show him evidence that they have voted.


On 2 June 2015, a case of assault was recorded at Sengwe Township after six men who were driving a white unregistered truck attacked one of Temba Mliswa’s campaign members. The six men who were driving an unregistered vehicle defaced and destroyed campaign posters for Mliswa. It is also reported that these men had committed a similar attack in Kasipiti area earlier in the day where they were alleged to have beaten up one official who was also campaigning for Temba Mliswa.


On the same day, ZANU PF candidate for Hurungwe West, Keith Guzah held a meeting at Big Deve Dam where he threatened villagers with unspecified action if they continued attending campaign meetings that were being carried out by Mliswa’s campaign team in the area.


Harare- Kambuzuma Relatively calm Independent candidate  for Kambuzuma,Pedzisai Nheta is being denied the right to hold campaign rallies in the area by alleged ZANU PF youths. Tinashe Madusa, ZANU PF Kambuzuma Youth chair threatened Nheta’s campaign team on Saturday May 30 that they will “suffer the consequences” if they continue campaigning in the area.


Bulawayo-Makokoba Tense ZANU PF candidate for Makokoba, Tshinga Dube’s campaign team violently invaded the house of  Independent candidate, Sibangilizwe Msipa on 3 June 2015.The team that invaded his house was led by known ZANU PF Youths in the area, Makusha and Tandi who vowed to stop Msipa from campaigning in the area. The two are also part of Dube’s campaign team. After they discovered that Msipa was not at home, they destroyed his house’s durawall. Msipa has since reported the matter to the police and no arrests have been made.


Campaign posters belonging to NCA candidate, Sokhaya Mabhena are also being removed in broad daylight by alleged ZANU PF supporters who are said to be loyal to Dube. His campaign team is also being denied the right to put up campaign posters.


Harare- Kuwadzana Relatively Calm Campaign posters for NCA candidate, Grant Tabvurei have all been removed by alleged ZANU PF youths ahead of the June 10 by election.


Bulawayo –Pumula Relatively Calm Campaign posters for NCA candidate, Jackson Lunga have all been defaced in broad daylight by ZANU PF youths who vowed that Pumula belongs to ZANU PF.


Harare-Glen View Relatively Calm Posters of Independent candidate, Donald Chimatira are being removed almost on a daily basis by suspected ZANU PF supporters who accuse Chimatira of being a sell-out since he chose to stand as an independent candidate after losing in the ZANU PF primaries.


Harare-Highfield West Tense On the 29th of May 2015, ZANU PF Candidate for Highfield constituency, Psychology Maziwisa disrupted a rally that was organised by Transform Zimbabwe at Western Triangle Bus Terminus. It is alleged that Mazivisa who was in the company of ZANU PF youths stormed the rally and began chanting ZANU PF slogans and songs while the rally was in procession. This disrupted the rally as people who had gathered for the Transform Zimbabwe rally began dispersing.


Harare East Relatively calm Independent candidate  for Harare East, Zechariah Mushawatu campaign posters were removed especially in Old Tafara by alleged ZANU PF supporters